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Doctrine & Covenants section 25 verse 12
For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

Among my father’s greatest joys, after playing with his fourteen (14!) grandchildren, is serving the members of the church worldwide, by providing tools for worship.

My father, Jerry R. Jackman, grew up in a family filled with a passion for music. His mother played piano and his father played the euphonium. They also came from musical families–my paternal great grandfather sang and played organ, ukulele, and violin. His father played euphonium and served as the Salem, Utah ward choir director for many years. My maternal great grandmother sang and played guitar and her father also sang.

You could say a passion for music has run in the Jackman family for several hundreds of years. We are always tickled to find mentions of musical careers within our geneology.
My father was delighted last summer to meet his 8th cousin, George Thomas Jackman, and to realize he, too, had the Jackman passion for music; including piano, guitar, violin, bluegrass fiddle, and a collection of 36 harmonicas.

My father began piano lessons in 1952, at four-years-old. Seven years later, at the age of eleven, he began studying the Doublebass from John Hilgendorf in Provo, Utah.
His love of publishing also demonstrated itself during this time. In sixth grade my father published “The Eagle”–a hand-typed neighborhood newsletter. He also served on his high school newspaper staff.
His love for the bass grew as he continued to study through junior high and high school; throwing himself into every opportunity. He was a member of almost any orchestra and jazz band in school.

After serving a mission in Munich, Germany, getting married, and having his first son, he continued his study of music at BYU, under the major of music education. His professor (and later colleague and close friend), Robert P. Manookin, took my father aside and strongly suggested he get out of the education major and that his correct place was in music composition. He found comfort in music theory and composition, like coming home. He has likened his classes to playing riddles and games.

After college, my father started working at Sonos Music Resources in early 1973. But when the company was sold in October of 1975, and his position no longer needed, he left to start his own company.
MusicArtWest was born on October 15th, 1975. As the catalog grew, the name Jackman Music Corporation was added in March 1977.
In June of 1992 Jackman Music Corporation acquired Sonos Music Resources, the very place my father’s career began. Jackman Music Corporation became the leading publisher of LDS print music.

As the church continues to grow outside the U.S., the needs grow. With the introduction of Jackman Music Express, where the JMC catalog is available for immediate download, the goal of serving the members of the church worldwide is coming to fruition. We have been able to provide music for several hundreds of members from the Eastern Hemisphere, which was nearly impossible before, due to high shipping costs.
We hope to continue to provide the best service, and reach the needs of the saints worldwide.

— Susannah Jackman

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