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I am saddened today to hear that my good friend, Reid Nibley has passed away after battling cancer. He is a sincere friend who helped me over may hard spots in my early career. We have published many of his choral pieces, and quite a few piano works. I spent many hours with him in his living room recording workshop tracks on his old Steinway piano. Reid is a bonafide talent, and he has contributed much to the musical heritage of the Latter-day Saints. I will
really miss him.

I would like you to meet Katie Stuart, from Fresno. She joined our staff several weeks ago. Here is something of note: We hired Katie’s mother, Nancy Reher Stuart when she first came to BYU as a Freshman. She worked for us the whole time she lived in Provo. Nancy was a good worker. Many times, when the office was busy in stock room, Nancy would fix dinner for my family or take care of the baby (Deborah—now with two children of her own) while we finished the day’s shipping. Katie is a terrific worker too. She spent the afternoon yesterday scanning out-of-stock publications for me so that we could get them up on
“JackmanMusicExpress.com”. Katie works with Jennika (see below) picking orders in our stock room.

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