Order today. Practice today. Perform today.

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Six months ago, we at Jackman Music Corporation set foot on a new path. We started a division of our company which allows our customers to download sheet music instantly. Because of the quick delivery, we named the new division “Jackman Music Express”. We wanted an easier way to deliver to customers outside the United States.

Last week a customer from Australia downloaded a choral piece on Sunday morning, just in time for an early morning rehearsal. They were able to prepare the piece and perform it on the same day. There is nobody in the office on Sunday morning. We first learned about it when we got to work on Monday. The customer is able to browse, select a piece (sometimes hearing a sample of it first), pay for it by credit card, and download it while everybody from our office at Church.

It is a time-consuming process to prepare each piece for Jackman Music Express. Some of our work was first created by hand. Those pieces need to be retypeset, or scanned, and assembled in the .pdf format. It is a surprise to me that this new division commands as much time and effort as the physical printed music side of our company. We have been able to prepare a little over 600 pieces of our over 1900 pieces so far.

We use the same digital method now to prepare a work for the printer as we do for Jackman Music Express (JME). So, we are now posting all of our new publications for download even before they are delivered to our local printer! ChoralClub members can peruse the newest issues sometimes a whole month before they receive their packet of free copies. For an old man like me, this seems a miracle.

There is no savings in terms of cost for the customer. Where we had warehousing costs on physical inventory, we have huge financial transaction fees from the several bankers who are providing the avenues for international transactions. But, the new quickness in delivery and convenience more than offsets the difference.

We are amazed at the instant growth our company is seeing with JME.

To visit Jackman Music Express, log on to: www.jackmanmusicexpress.com

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