We’re feeling the Christmas spirit!

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By accepting the first Christmas piece of the year, the season officially has officially begun at Jackman Music Corporation.

David Len Allen

David Len Allen’s “Precious Child of Bethlehem” has been typeset, approved, and sent to the printer. It has an up-tempto calypso flavor, and has been released under the Nolan & Hanks trademark.

With a more sophisticated sound, Kay Hicks Ward’s piece, which she titled “I Give Thee My Heart”, has text written by her husband, L. Melvin Ward. We are eager to release it under the Sonos trademark, entitled “Christmas: What I Have, I Offer”

The popular BYU Women’s Conference is coming soon! They will be using our orchestrated This Is The Christ for two-part choir.
Also for the Women’s Conference, Vanja Watkins is creating an original piece, which will then be orchestrated.

Another upcoming conference is the Young Women’s Conference. James Kasen has created a piece for Young Women’s choir and organ; How Firm a Foundation for two-part choir will be available in two weeks.

James Kasen

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