Choir Director—new insights

March 31, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Choir Director—new insights

The Lord blesses us with opportunities as well as challenges, and a challenge is what I got today.

I had a call from the Ward Music Chairman, new to our ward as of two weeks ago, orienting me to my new calling as Ward Choir Director.

I hadn’t even considered a relationship with the Ward Music Chairman. When I accepted the calling, I thought only of all the wondrous things we could do with a big capable Ward Choir—singing several times in each service, occasionally incorporating instruments, and taking advantage of the huge library of music I have at hand.

Instead, she told me that the choir will sing one number on the third Sunday each month only and that there will be no hymns, only anthems. And, she added, “Who has control of the Ward Choir Library?”

She wouldn’t even listen to my “wonderful ideas”. My pride was hurt.

It took an afternoon of prayer for me to release the pride and regain an attitude of humble service. I hadn’t figured that the Devil would have a role to play in the new calling. For me, he does. I will really need to watch and pray to escape temptation toward pride in this.

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