More on Cundick work—Hatch Book Four

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Friday morning hours now assigned in the temple.

David Glen Hatch

This afternon I made alterations on the transcription from David Glen Hatch’s Book Four that we finished a day or two ago. Work on this book is coming very smoothly.

Our new means of capturing Dr. Hatch’s work—i.e. he improvises via MIDI to our system, we transcribe the MIDI to written manuscript, he shapes and sculptures our manuscript into a magnificent piano piece—is so much easier than I imagined it would be. We should finish the book well before our May 30 press deadline.

We also continue work on the instrumental parts for Robert Cundick’s “The Redeemer”. We have finished all of the Woodwind parts and the Brass parts have all been digitized. 

I stayed until late last night at the office putting together a biographical sketch both of Robert Cundick and of the oratorio for back plates of each of the instrumental parts. 

I need to be sensitive to Dr. Cundick’s feelings with this great work. It is sincerely written Solo Deo Gloria. He has waived all royalties, and has asked that no more hoopla be made except that which is necessary to make the piece available to the stakes. He attributes all honor in the creation of “The Redeemer” to God alone.

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