Spring Training—New Piano Method

March 30, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Spring Training—New Piano Method

A week ago today, I was in Phoenix with Aaron, my eldest son, and his two sons, Brayden and Camden. Our purpose was bond together while watching Major League Baseball Spring training games. The time was effectively spent. My favorite part of the weekend was when Aaron and I bobbed together in the motel pool discussing fatherhood.

Brayden turned twelve last week. He has now qualified to join his father, and uncles, and me in our biannual ceremony before Saturday evening General Priesthood session at “Wingers” in Spanish Fork—a serious face stuffing—reconvening in the closest stake center for Speakers and Hymns. This has become a much honored and beloved tradition. We have talked with Brayden about this eventuality for years.

Last Saturday, while in Mesa I had a chance to meet with Brent Jorgensen and continue planning of a serious LDS piano method which will include books of technique, enrichment pieces, recordings, and teaching aids. Though our system is likely to include the work of many LDS composers, we both like the style of the “Faber & Faber” series, and plan to create materials to work along with it.

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