The Cycle has Turned

March 30, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on The Cycle has Turned

I was released as Ward Choir Director about fifteen years ago after having served in the calling for fourteen years. Since then, up to a year ago or so, my work in the Church has been exclusively with the Priesthood.

Our ward was realigned three weeks ago. The new First Counsellor visited last night with an additional calling for me—yes, my heart is singing—it is as Ward Choir Director! I feel so humble to accept this calling again.

My daughter Elizabeth is serving as Choir Director in her ward in Las Vegas.
My son Richard served as choir director in Brazil.
Clarke has served as Choir Director three times since being married!
My great grandfather Daniel Wells Jackman was choir director of the Salem ward for over twenty years!

When I hear of another child receiving the calling, I just smile. I don’t think any priesthood leader knows the secret…our family has immediate access to more printed music for ward choir than any other on the entire earth! This seems orchestrated. The Lord knows a secret that He has not shared with me.

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