All Out-of-Print Items to see new life!

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Friday morning temple assignment—first time with my brother, Stephen, who switched to my shift this morning after four years on Thursday night. On my team today was Dr. Ron Jones and Kent Day. I met Klint Day’s two boys after the first rotation who were there together. John Day is managing the Day Murray Music in Lehi.

Note of interest to nuts-n’-bolts types: Some of our out-print-items have been found at the Orem Library! From there we have obtained scannable art for I am pleased to have found our older publications such as “Mormon Hymn Fantasies” by Merrill Bradshaw, “Tootles” by Greg Hanson, “Keyboard Preludes” by Robert P. Manookin, and others. Scanning from bound books can provide a challenge. Some of the images have to be scanned upside down in order to capture the entire image. These will be corrected in the assembly operation. I am pleased that these once out-of-print items will be available again; in fact, it is my passion to have everything ever printed by Jackman or its subsidiaries available again for use among the Saints. The only exception to this will be publications whose copyrights have been returned to their originators.
Capturing older editions is giving us the opportunity of correcting errors: “Sacred Solos for Violin” will contain separate violin parts, “Tootles” will include part for tone flute, etc. (What were we thinking before?) Things just keep getting better.

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