Cundick Digitization Close to Completion

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I finished assembling Brass and Percussion parts for “The Redeemer” Oratorio. Including
4 Horn parts, 3 Trumpet parts, 3 Trombone parts, Tuba, Timpani, Harp, Celesta, Percussion.
String parts are 36 pages each. It will take a day to finish the five parts there.

At work at 5:30 a.m.—It is now 2:22 p.m. Today’s work is already finished!

3:40 p.m. Back to the office after shopping with Carole.

Cundick’s huge project is now completely digitized…except the score.
We are still dealing with size challenges there. Dr. Cundick’s art is 11 x 17. Our printer
has advised he has neither the equipment or supplies for binding that large size. Shipping scores that large would be a constant headache.

Our scanner has not the ability of processing that large format. As an experiment this morning, I scanned a score page in two pieces, reduced them 77%, and assembled them on a legal size art board. That seems to work. Note size is not too tiny and we can bind up to 13 inches long on the side. We will be able to make a decent commercial edition.

Spent remainder of the afternoon ordering reprints for:
#00980 Prayer for Mother’s Day
#01825 Look on My Heart
#00006 Abide with Me – Arr. Ripplinger
#01397 Love One Another – Arr. Bradford

We had dinner at “Goodwoods” and went to the theater to see a musical for Carole’s birthday— “She Loves Me” live at the Hale Center Theater Orem.

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