Cundick out the door!

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The day was grueling, but we finished the Cundick score and parts for “The Redeemer”. It will be in stock, hopefully, by the weekend.

Lynn Lund’s “No Other Name” had never been printed digitally, it was out of stock today, so we processed it, sent it to the printer (also digitally), and posted it for uploading to This is the first time we are listing it as being available for piano, or for orchestra. Lynn recorded this piece, which originated from her major work, “Missa Morminis”. The orchestrations for all twelve pieces on the album “Come Unto Me All Ye Heavy Laden” (Exeter Records), now have orchestrations for use with the stakes of the Church.
Michael F. Moody

I received a phone call this afternoon from Michael F. Moody. He and Elder Boyd K. Packer have written a Christmas piece which they are submitting for publication. So you will see it, probably in June in the ChoralClub. (Moody wrote “This Is the Christ” with James E. Faust. It, next to “Consider the Lilies” became our best seller of all time!)

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