Life in the Loft

April 21, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Life in the Loft

It is interesting to me to stand on the other side of the table now, as choir director instead of editor. 

I stopped at my office on the way to choir practice this afternoon to pick up a few extra pieces to sing. 
We sang Manookin’s “Love at Home” in meeting today. (The choir did such a wonderful job of this easy and appropriate piece.) 
The pieces I picked up for this afternoon’s workout were Gounod’s “O Divine Redeemer”, B. Cecil Gates’ “My Redeemer Lives”, and Manookin’s “Come Follow Me”. This is the style I am comfortable with, and my choir seems to handle them just fine (except for the high A flat in the sopranos in O Divine Redeemer). 
When I get my monthly packet from the ChoralClub now, I review it as a choir director. This is going to change the way I accept new publications for ward choirs.
Comments from other choir directors are very useful. Let me know what I need to do to make our output more useful to you.  

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