Now Banned in Boston

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Rob Millett came by this afternoon on crutches. He broke his hip in a bicycling accident in Provo Canyon five weeks ago. He is now up and working again. He brought in two new compositions this afternoon; a Christmas piece, and an hymn arrangement. Rob is teaching Humanities at Utah Valley State University.

Our Boston exhibit has been canceled because personal health challenges.
The office is fully engaged in processing first quarter royalties.
My daughter Meridith and I played a concert tonight with the Nachtmusik Chamber Orchestra; I on the doublebass and Meridith, viola. We both look fetching in our powdered wigs, buckled shoes, and knickers. It was our annual Young People’s Concerto Night at the SCERA in Orem, Dr. Marden Pond conducting. The evening was a triumph. 
16 April 2008
Royalty schedules were done and posted before noon. Carole has printed royalty reports out up to “LU…” Right on time.
In spite of the Boston Exhibit being canceled, I continued work on the 7 foot vertical banner and finished it tonight. We will use it during the LDSBS convention in August. 

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