"The Redeemer" off the presses!

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The part booklet for “Tootles” was finished before noon today. It will appear, most likely, on JackmanMusicExpress.com exclusively—beginning this weekend. The folio containing the piano accompaniment part, which has been out of stock for a few years, will also appear on Express. This publication is designed to be played on any toy flute or whistle. The entire book requires an instrument with a range of at least a major ninth, i.e. from middle C to D an octave and one step above. Greg Hansen’s arrangements are not ordinary. These pieces might even be played in Sacrament service. They are reverent, worshipful, and sweet.

We accepted delivery of the new score and parts for Robert Cundick’s “The Redeemer” late this afternoon; and they look terrific! The retail price for the set is $790.00; including woodwinds, two each; four horns; three trumpets, three trombones, Tuba; at least three percussionists, including timpani and celeste; plus harp; and strings up to ten players on first violin, ten on second violin, ten violists, eight cellists, and eight doublebassists, plus the large choir and six soloists. Performance time, I believe, is about 1:20:00. This work may be a bit beyond the capabilities of an average stake.

I had a meeting yesterday with Douglas Perry, Janice’s husband, about using the Sibelius® music setting software. He trained me in the use of the “HB Music Engraver” in 1980—and he has used it ever since. Two years ago, when we began production for Lynn Lund’s album, “Come unto Me All Ye Heavy Laden”, I found a need to hear the orchestra as we worked out the scheme for the recording. It was at that point that I switched to Sibelius—and the rest, as they say, is hysterical!

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