Fresh Courage Take

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If music be food of love, play on… SHAKESPEARE

     We continue work on our selection of publications for Fall. Since announcing our need yesterday, I have been deluged by wonderful submissions. Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU! I could still use a nice new Christmas cantata. I forgot to mention that yesterday.
     I entertained two visitors this afternoon.

     Dr. Marden Pond discussed three new works with me: Fresh Courage Take is an hour-long oratorio about the rescue of the Martin Handcart Company. It calls for full orchestra, mixed chorus, and four narrators. The work is 
underway at present. Dr. Pond needs a sponsor in order to finish it. It is very promising. 
     Another work; a bit shorter in length; calls for symphonic wind ensemble and percussion. This opus addresses the story of the three brethren who accepted the call by Brigham Young to meet Johnston’s Army as it approached Deseret in the 1850s, to rid the place of the Mormons. This piece is completely planned, and Dr. Pond is ready to commence the scoring process. It should prove valuable historically.
     Finally, we discussed the publication of the second volume of Dr. Pond’s The Master’s Touch, a collection of hymn settings for advanced piano. Each section is written in the style of a classical composer. Volume One been on the market for nearly four years. Editing is by Concert Pianist Master David Glen Hatch. We agreed that the second volume would appear first on as a download. You should see it be mid-July.

   My next visitor was Rob Millett. He too is an accomplished composer with several symphonies, choral works, chamber pieces,  a huge oratorio, works for piano, and other pieces to his credit. We reviewed his three chorals together which will appear in our Fall release demo, and planned for appropriate packaging. 
     I had my last evaluation with my Doctor today, and I have been pronounced on the mend. All I need now is a good vacation!

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