Happy Thanksgiving

May 03, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving

     Bright, sunny, and cold today in Orem – 43°.

     Lots of shipments went out to our friends today. We appreciate so much your business, and your support.
     We accepted a new choral work this afternoon for Thanksgiving by Shawn Stringham and Lynn S. Lund. 
     We are still looking for this year’s Christmas cantata; something original, reverent and simple. 
     I have nearly finished David Glen Hatch’s new book. 
     Of all the artists we publish, Jenny Oaks Baker and David Glen Hatch are the most time-consuming and the most expensive. They require more finish work than most others. Both release work for advanced players. Both are also in the best-selling category.

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