Life has a few thorns

May 07, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Life has a few thorns

We are fussing today; yes, fussing over the items to be included in the May ChoralClub packet. 

     I am working yesterday and today in a little rental owned by the company, readying it for new renters. I made it into the office at 6:00 a.m. for a one hour ChoralClub editorial session, then was off in my grubbies the rest of the day for a little dustier enterprise—leaving the office in  the capable hands and minds of Carole, Meridith, Cindy, and Barbara. 
     We are in our slowest season from now until the middle of July—time to “sweep the ceilings”, I often say. This is a time for warehouse restocking, backlist scanning, and dealer stock orders. For me personally, it is a time of preparation for Fall conventions and promotions, time in the recording studio working on our annual demonstration compact disc, and long quiet engraving sessions. We are nearing the middle of our Christmas production season.

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