Marvin K. Gardner

May 10, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Marvin K. Gardner

     This afternoon, we received a visit from pro editor, Marvin K. Gardner.

     Bro. Gardner is the fussiest editor I have ever worked with. He is also the neatest. He is the author of the text of the hymns “Press Forward Saints” and “Thy Holy Word”.
     He came into the office today to bring corrections for #01873 Come Unto Christ – SSA”. We were able to complete them and turn this work in for printing this afternoon.
     This piece was featured in the BYU Women’s Conference last week.
     We also finished final corrections for “Let Us All Press On” from David Glen Hatch’s new book. With its 32nd note arpeggios, it may be the most difficult piece in the collection.

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