The Original "Ward" Choir

May 12, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on The Original "Ward" Choir

First of all, thanks to everyone who has been mindful of my health.

     I have been able to recover well and am mending quickly. 
     We had a nice meeting with Mel and Kay Ward this morning. Kay is a wonderful composer. She writes in a modern classical style with just a tinge of jazz influence. I have been producing a choral setting of hers based on the hymn “Dearest Children, God Is Near You”.  We met to consider final alterations before submitting it for printing. I am delighted with with Mel (Kay’s eternal lyricist) and Kay. I believe Kay’s work will be around for many years. She is truly brilliant. Her harmonic writing is colorful and destinational. Dearest Children… will appear in the ChoralClub in June. Kay also showed me a new arrangement of How Great Thou Art for choir which I fell in love with! The choir parts are quite easy, but the piano is really moving and interesting. This is the type of piece that will be interesting to the musically adventurous. I think it will work well in Sacrament meetings, but unless you have a master accompanist, it will take a few weeks to polish. Once you have it, no other arrangement will ever do again. We will have this one ready later in the Summer.

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