What are these spiny things?

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Another long evening at the rental.

     Tuesday evening Lance (LJ) Studebaker met me at our company’s rental house and helped me with essential chores before it will be ready to rent again. We pulled the toilet out so we could install the new flooring. We pulled the stove out and replaced it with a shiny new white one. 
     Carole and I were there again last night until after ten pulling the nails out of the hardwood in the bathroom and chipping up old, brittle, decaying vinyl before a second round of removing nails, spikes, and tacks of all descriptions. I think the long nails; the ones that creak and grown so much as you pry them out; were meant to silence the wooden floor and the little spiny ones were designated as holders-in-place for who-knows-what.
     So this morning, we were at it again. Carole brought two different vacuum cleaners so that we wouldn’t miss a single fiber. She scrubbed the cabinets, completely sanitized the refridgerator and kitchen cupboards, and vacuumed the crannies while I vacuumed all the carpets in the house, upstairs and down. Soon our confidence will be back enough to show the house to renters.
     Finally, at 8:00 a.m., we were joined by Brian, dispatched from Farnell’s to install the bright new vinyl.
     While he was at it, I scooted over to the tile shop and had them cut a ceramic piece so that I could repair the tile kitchen cabinet.
     The walls are created with plaster in the bathroom rather than dry wall. That makes coving the vinyl up on the walls in the bathroom difficult. The subflooring is in really good shape, though it has turned black with years. Brian will install a quarter inch particle board covering before laying down the expensive vinyl coat. The new floor will be flat and even.
     The Bishop family, who built the house are pretty classy folks. All of the materials are first class and the workmanship excellent. Bringing the house up to Carole’s scrutiny is not as difficult as it could have been.
     I worked on layout of the new Jackman catalog from 7:00 a.m. yesterday until time to quit. It is a 64 pager with two extra color plates inside. The cover will feature our new slogan for the first time, “…Until from every Heart a Mighty Song Bursts Forth…”. This is taken from the choral “Lengthen Your Stride” with lyric by Delbert L. Stapley and music by K. Newell Dayley. The original says, “…Until from every Hearth a Mighty Song bursts forth acknowledging Christ as Lord of all the earth.” I love the original version more, but it is too sacred to put on a commercial printed piece.
     I have only to do a single presentation today for page 32 about JackmanMusicExpress.com, and then the whole project goes to the press—about 20,000 copies. We have been without a complete catalog for several months—it will be nice to have it for Summer.
     I checked the new vinyl this afternoon, and it looks terrific! The little bathroom is livable again. 

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