Did you say "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy…"?

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The heat of Utah Summer is not yet even a suggestion, as we view our world through the vibrant greens, yellows, reds, and burgundys of our north Orem streetscape. The temperature on my way to work this morning was 68° F. It’s the kind of day when you want to roll down the window and invite the gentle Springtime in!

Yesterday we sent four chorals to JackmanMusicExpress.com:
#00791 Thanks for Simple Blessings – SATB /Stringham & Lund #00653 Oh That I Were An Angel – TTBB /Klein & Palmer
#00181 Come Come Ye Saints – SATB / Arr. Lund
#00009 America, Land of the Restoration – SATB, Narrator /Arr. Jackman
I have been working on the new book by David Glen Hatch, “Favorite LDS Piano Solos”, Book 4 for months. We have proof-read this book more times than any other publication in our history. I am very proud of the result.
On Saturday afternoon, I was invited to judge a songwriting contest at the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts Association in West Jordan. Of the ten performing contestants, the four judges named three as winners with prizes from $250 to $1,000 each. The topic was “The Mormon Battalion”.  I was delighted to learn that the grand prize winner was the son of my missionary companion, Gary McClellan of Portland Oregon.
After the contest, we were invited to attend a performance of “The Ghosts of Gardner Village” at the Gathering Place with members of “Enoch Train”, Clive Romney, director. The hour-long presentation featured original songs and comedy about the pioneers who had settled in the very place where we were gathered. I had the solemn feeling that this work was important and sacred. It would be perfect for PBS programming. So well done. Congratulations to the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts Association!

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