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The recording with Larry Blackburn on Piano Tuesday night went extremely well. He recorded 21 pieces in only three hours. We brought a women’s chorus in on Wednesday and finished seven pieces. I am exhausted and so is Clarke, our engineer.

Wednesday afternoon I started orchestrating Lloyd Hanson’s and A. Laurence Lyon’s piece, “Consolation: I Am a Child of God” for a client. Orchestrating is my favorite segment of the publishing process. I am most at home doing it and most satisfied when it is finished. It is a blessing that I am permitted to do it for a living, especially when I would gladly do it on my own time for free! This piece just begs for orchestrating!
Thursday we searched for two writers, Kristen Allred and Kathleen Holyoak for four pieces were interested in. I was so happy when we were able to find each of these talented individuals. Three of the pieces we had already recorded. The fourth piece had been published by a competitor and was unavailable.
More orchestrating in the afternoon, and in the morning of the fourth of July. The piece is looking good, I think.

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