He ain’t a tec, he’s a bloomin’ busybody!

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I love Summer…with all the live theater. We have three world class Summer operations here in Utah: the Utah Shakespearean Festival (all Summer), Tuacahn Musical Theater, and the Utah Festival Opera Company of Cache Valley. I could live at any one of ’em.

This morning, we shipped the orchestration for the choral “Consolation: I am a Child of God” which has commanded my attention on all week. What fun THAT was in the making!
This afternoon, we rebuilt A. Laurence Lyon’s suite for Doublebass and Piano, “Three Aztec Dances”. The page images are n
ow neater than in the previous edition. This piece was recorded by a Doublebass specialist in Oregon. It was originally titled “Three Nephite Dances”, but the title was changed to make it more universal. It is multimetric, but quite easy.
Orem Public Library has an extensive collection of printed music editions. You would think, after working all day in the stuff, that I would rather play ball or something, but, often I find myself heading over there and searching through other publishers’ editions for ideas. 
Many of the volumes there are mine. I have been able to resurrect a Jackman edition from time to time by borrowing a volume there and scanning it back into life. 
I still am waiting for a copy of “Basic Organ Technique and Repertoire” that I reserved on June 20th. I needed to scan it for building our “Basic Organ Repertoire” that we turned into the printer at the end of June. We were able to find an archive copy finally in our OWN collection. The Orem Library’s copy is now three weeks overdue. My edition will be in print before the library’s copy comes back.
My priorities at the moment:
1.  Our Fall recording
2.  Development of the new improved web site for Jackman Music Corporation
3.  Further digitization of our back list for JackmanMusicExpress.com
What I don’t need at the moment:
1.  More Christmas submissions—we’re done for the season.
2. Distracting phone calls
3. Weeds in Carole’s garden

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