Moody Work completed

July 24, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Moody Work completed

A new Christmas anthem, “Mary Marveled” was finished and submitted for printing today. This piece features lyric by Penelope Moody Allen and Music by Michael F. Moody.

We also finished the digital edition of “Prelude Chains, Book 2″ this afternoon. This prelude collection for piano offers a “continuous medley”. The pianist may come to a close at the end of any the hymn arrangements, or, by taking an optional interlude, continue forward to the next hymn. This is especially useful for baptisms, or for times when the pianist plays for an extended period. “Prelude Chains” series now contains four individual volumes. Book Two will be now available for download. It continues to be offered as a printed edition through Jackman’s dealers or online.

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