One might oven himself out there

July 01, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on One might oven himself out there

Whew! It is very hot! It doesn’t come down under 95° during the day.

Review copies of our newest publications went out to reviewers this afternoon.

Upstairs in Editorial, we are sorting out licensing requirements for Jenny Oaks Baker’s new violin solo book with themes from the movies. I am envigored by the research that is required for this kind of project.
We processed five reprints this morning—three for, and two for print inventory. It was a busy day.
Tonight we were in the recording studio with the choir. We recorded six pieces. Our Tenor’s brother came in his place, and I didn’t discover the difference until I wrote out the checks. They are identical twins…and both with identical giant vocal talent!

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