Pioneer Day Ward Choir Experience

July 23, 2008  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off on Pioneer Day Ward Choir Experience

We had the most effective experience with our Ward Choir this past week. It was High-Council- Sunday, the Sunday-before-Pioneer-Day, and a Mission send-off all at once. Our Ward Choir came early for a run-through and stayed in the choir seats. Three and a half minutes before the meeting began, we sang my arrangement of “Reverently, Quietly”, a choir prelude. That set the most wonderful peaceful spirit as the meeting began. I was so pleased.

After the missionary spoke, the choir stood and sang “Pioneer Hymn Medley” arranged by Brent Jorgensen. The medley includes the hymns “They the Builders of the Nation”, “Come, Come Ye Saints”, and “Faith in Every Footstep”. It was just perfect for our choir and for the occasion.

For August, we are looking at “Abide with Me” arranged by Donald Ripplinger, and “No Other Name” by Lynn S. Lund.

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