What is in a name?

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The temperature only reached 90° today in Orem, maintaining the usual 63° on my way to work. I’ve said it before, the temperature will be 63° in Heaven. That’s perfection.

I continued orchestrating Lyon’s “Consolation: I am a Child of God”. This the piece that instigated the fourth verse of “I Am a Child of God”. Naomi Randall wrote it for this project years ago. Lloyd T. Hanson wrote the original text. The choir divides into double voices. The orchestration calls for one Flute, one Oboe, one Clarinet, one Bassoon, two French Horns, Harp, Timpani (3 or 4 drums), suspended cymbal, Two Violin parts, Viola, Cello, and Bass. I finished typesetting the score and parts and the layout of everything at 6:45 tonight. This version can be performed without the timpani and percussion, but not without the harp. I suppose the harp part might be played on a piano or electronic keyboard with harp stops. There is only one glissando, at the very end.
I received three Christmas works today from Kathleen Holyoak which are already typeset and recorded. This acceptance signals the end of our Christmas submission season…unless I am fortunate enough to receive an excellent Christmas cantata in time to record it tomorrow.
The orchestration project was difficult today because of interruptions. Every interruption requires time to reorient to the project before it can be carried on again. I love this work, but I am glad we are finishing up this piece.

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