Planning for Christmas

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I was ward choir director for years and years…well, up until about fifteen years ago. Then I was released and called into the priesthood—and there I’ve stayed until this year. I was called to be choir director again a few months ago, and I am now planning my first Christmas program in years.

After scratching my noodle for several hours, I realized that I already have the most useful planning resource at hand—Jackman Music Corporation’s new demonstration compact disc and catalog. I have been scanning through it today for new ideas.

Hold on. Your copy of the new “Music Ideas for 2009” presentaton from Jackman Music Corporation is in the mail TODAY! It is absolutely stuffed with Christmas ideas for LDS wards. It has been so much fun seeing what I could use from this year’s presentation.

This what I have planned so far for our service, both old and new:

Christmas Is a Time of Joy – a bright carol medley to open, involving the congregation on “O Come All Ye Faithful” 

I Come unto My Own – by K. Newell Dayley

Once Within a Lowly Stable – Arr. Lynn S. Lund

NARRATOR: Christmas story from the Book of Luke with a violinist playing
   Silent Night – Arr. Rachel Goates as background.

International Christmas Festival – Piano Duet

Tiny Infant King – Women’s chorus (S.A.)

SPEAKER – 7 minutes

What I Have, I Offer – SATB by Kay Hicks Ward
with Violin obbliggato

Ever Holy – SATB by Christine Davis

Gesú Bambino – Soprano Solo with Children singing the refrain

SPEAKER: 7 minutes

Closing Hymn: Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains  
with Choir and Congregation from Hymnplicity Christmas, Book 1
This already has a violin obbliggato part.

Our ward is blessed with many instrumentalists, so we are orchestrating a good portion of the program so that we can involve youth and others. We have one each flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 French horns, and strings (including double bass). We would be happy to share our orchestrations with anyone who would like to try them. You could use just one instrumental part if you wanted to. Everything can be performed with piano alone.

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