Prelude Chains, Book 5 announced

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Jackman Music Corporation is pleased to announce the publication of Prelude Chains, Book 5. Sixty hymns arranged as a continuous medley for piano solo—over forty-five minutes of continuous prelude. This series has proved to be invaluable for those who must fill time reverently during or prior to worship services. All arrangements are provided by Brent Jorgensen.

Included in Book Five are the following hymns:
Arise O God and Shine – John Darwall
As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days – Irish Folk Song
Beautiful Savior – Silesian Folk Song
Before Thee Lord I Bow My Head – Joseph H. Dean
Behold a Royal Army – Adam Geibel
Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy – Philip Paul Bliss
Carry On – Alfred M. Durham
Come Let Us Anew – James Lucas
Come Sing to the Lord – Gerrit de Jong, Jr.
Come Ye Disconsolate – Samuel Webbe
Come Ye Thankful People – George J. Elvey
Count Your Blessings – Edwin O. Excell
Each Life That Touches Ours for Good – A. Laurence Lyon
Faith of Our Fathers – Henry F. Hemy and James G. Walton
Father Cheer Our Souls Tonight – Orlando Gibbons
Father in Heaven – Friedrich F. Flemming
Father Thy Children to Thee Now Raise – Evan Stephens
For the Beauty of the Earth – Conrad Kocher
From Homes of Saints Glad Songs Arise – G. Williams Richards
God Speed the Right – Ernst Moritz Arndt
Great King of Heaven – Leroy J. Robertson
Guide Us O Thou Great Jehovah – John Hughes
Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning! – Edwin F. Parry
Hark All Ye Nations – George F. Root
Help Me Teach with Inspiration – Lorin F. Wheelwright
I Have Work Enough to Do – William J. Kirkpatrick
I Know My Father Lives – Neid Nibley
In Humility Our Savior – Rowland H. Prichard
In Hymns of Praise – Alfred Beirly
In Remembrance of Thy Suffering – Evan Stephens
Jehovah Lord of Heaven and Earth – Oliver Holden
Jesus Once of Humble Birth – Giacomo Heyerbeer
Jesus the Very Thought of Thee – John B. Dykes
Lean on My Ample Arm – Evans Stephens
Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise – Würtemburg Germany 1784
Lord Accept Our True Devotion – Joseph J. Daynes
Lord Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing – Jean-Jacques Rousseau
My Redeemer Lives – G. Homer Durham
Nearer Dear Savior to Thee – William Clayson
Now Thank We All Our God – Johann Crüger
O God the Eternal Father – Felix Mendelssohn
O Thou Kind and Gracious Father – George Careless
Oh What Songs of the Heart – William Clayson
Prayer of Thanksgiving – Netherlands 1625
Precious Savior Dear Redeemer – H. R. Palmer
Rock of Ages – Thomas Hastings
Saints Behold How Great Jehovah – A. Laurence Lyon
Savior Redeemer of My Soul – Harry A. Dean
Sing We Now at Parting – Ebenezer Beasley
The Lord Is My Light – John R. Sweney
The Time Is Far Spent – German Folk Song
The Wintry Day Descending to Its Close – Edward P. Kimball
They the Builders of the Nation – Alfred Durham
Thy Spirit Lord Has Stirred Our Souls – Alexander Schreiner
Up Awake Ye Defenders of Zion – Thomas E. Williams
We Are All Enlisted – William B. Bradbury
We Are Sowing – Henry A. Tuckett
We Give Thee But Thine Own – Anonymous
Who’s On the Lord’s Side? – A. C. Smyth
Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded – A. C. Smyth

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