Chiming in

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Happy December!

My ward choir is doing John Longhurst’s “On This Day Children Sing” for the ward Christmas party. It will be held in the cultural hall, and features breakfast and a talent show. The choir is last on the program. For fun and culture, we have added a percussion ensemble (hey, it IS in the cultural hall, after all). My choir accompanist, Sharalyn Heath is an accomplished percussion ensemble person—she played in the BYU percussion ensemble for a time—and her percussion treatment is really done well. We tried it out with John’s arrangement on Sunday afternoon at our choir practice. (The four percussion players are youth from the ward.) And, wow! It has really added some sizzle!

The first player plays chimes. The second adds finger cymbals, triangle, and suspended cymbal to the mix. The third player plays snare drum. The fourth plays tambourine. Sharalyn rehearsed them for a bit before they came to choir practice and that was all it took. It came together very quickly. Our only challenge is keeping the snare drum down in the mix. He finally turned off the snares, and that did it perfectly!

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