Christmas String Quartet

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My first project today took the ENTIRE day—no lunch. It was the string quartet I promised Meridith for Christmas. Her buddy Sarah asked for it, initially thinking that Meridith would be playing violin. I believe it is needed for 14th of December. I began work on it while Meridith was here for Thanksgiving, but when I came back to it this morning, the file I had started had disappeared! I needed to start over. Just as well, I think. The new idea was better.
With over 120 bars, I think performance time will be close to 4:00. The form of the piece is ABCBA. The A section is adapted from a Christmas cantata I wrote three years ago. The B part is a fluid viola solo on Silent Night in the key of D major. Part C is a Violin/Cello duet based on Away in a Manger after having shifted into G major. It expands gradually into cascading four part counterpoint. Reversing the order, I stayed in G for the Silent Night reprise, this time, because it was a 4th higher, the second violin takes the dominant solo line and the viola accompanies with the other two instruments. Back at the C section again, I drop to E flat major—because I like the shift—it is suddenly more divine. It is marked “Rubato – like from a past dream”. The final C reprise was abbreviated.

The piece is called simply Christmas Carol Medley for String Quartet. It is already on the internet for download at $7.95. The stock number is #09039. I sincerely hope it will be a blessing to others. And it was fun to finish all in one day. I would pleased to hear from anyone who tries it out.

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