Of French Horns and gray floors

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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I rescored I Come unto My Own today to lighten the impact from the French Horns in my ward Christmas orchestra. I am limiting the orchestra to only one horn and I have lowered its tessitura about a major fifth. The three horns in our rehearsal on Saturday were over the top! The youthful boy players each vied to out blow the other, and by so doing, blew the rest of the orchestra out the door! My Meridith will be home from school for Christmas this weekend. She will take her place playing viola. That will be sweet indeed. She is so capable, and she is such a comfort to me.
We presented our special number at the Ward Christmas breakfast on Saturday morning—On Christmas Day Children Sing arranged by John Longhurst with the four percussion lines added by Sharalyn Heath. The chimes were especially effective.

Pieces finished today are:

#01275 Come Ye to Bethlehem – Cantata – David Naylor
It is now available for download. The picture on the cover (far left) is a photo I took on the Bethlehem hillside years ago with the sheep and shepherds.
#01662 There Is a Green Hill Far Away – SATB – Arr. Lynn S. Lund
New for Easter. It was off for printing this morning—scheduled for delivery just after Christmas. I have already seen press proofs. It can be downloaded right now. Use the stock number 01662 for your search at “jackmanmusicexpress.com”. The photo on this cover (near left) is close up from a pottery shot I took at Home Depot three years ago—I like the colors.
Monday, we finished our remodel process at Jackman Music Corporation. I love the new wall paint, the carpets, and the gray painted floors in the stock room. They all seem so neat and clean.

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