Save Your Venturing for Daylight

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We have at least sixteen inches of snow on the ground in Orem. Our parking lot is lots of fun. There is a little hill to climb before you arrive. You’d be surprised at how many people can’t make it up that little rise. I need four wheel drive to get to work now. BUT it is beautiful.

We spent much of the day getting the Utah Choral Artists ready to record a compact disc of David Naylor music, including a drive through the snow to Salt Lake to deliver music for the first rehearsal tonight. Brady Allred is the conductor.

My sweetheart was stranded half way from the street onto the sidewalk—heading toward the driveway. Problem was, the snow was so deep her little Camry was high centered—on snow! We finally hauled ‘er in. Best to hunker down, keep warm, and save your venturing for daylight.

Reprints for today:
#00875 Consider the Lilies – SSATB – Roger Hoffman / A. Laurence Lyon
#01274 God So Loved the World – SATB – David R. Naylor

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