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Thursday, 12 February 2009

We have been having some density challenges with our very fine product scans for In some instances the staff lines in a book are so fine that they break when we convert them to moderate weight (300 dpi) scans. Our solution has been to intensify them with a heavy weight (600 dpi) scan. This results in large files that take longer for our customers (up to eight minutes per book) to download. So far, it has happened only with specific “Hymnplicity Ward Choir” books. The quality is still very good (but each page shows trim marks as if we were directing to our commercial printer). We’ll have even that worked out very soon, I’m sure.  Today, we bolstered Hymnmplicity Ward Choir, books 2, 3, and 6. They should render acceptable downloads now.  
Additionally, today, we posted a new choral piece by Marvin Gardner and Darwin Wolford entitled “Thy Name Has Power to Save Us” (#00183). Music is by Felix Mendelssohn. The piece can be downloaded now. 

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