Thoughts on this year’s sheet music sale

December 17, 2010  |   Blog   |     |   Comments Off on Thoughts on this year’s sheet music sale

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in the sale yesterday. We had a wonderful, busy day talking with people and processing the online orders.

Note: We’ve received quite a few emails about internet totals not including the sale. Remember, we review all the orders by hand before charging your card, so your estimated total online may not include the sale total. As long as you ordered within the qualifications and on the sale day, you’ll receive the sale discount.

The credit amount online is merely a held total (sometimes listed as “pending”) until we review the order and subtract the half. Your card will not be charged for the full amount if you ordered on within the sale day and amounts.

As listed on our website

Please call us at 800-950-1900 if you have any questions.

Thank you for the interest in sacred LDS sheet music. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this music with so many.

Merry Christmas!!

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