How to search new products

January 28, 2011  |   Blog   |     |   Comments Off on How to search new products

Continuous selection of sheet music

We are continually adding new LDS sheet music to the Jackman Music catalog—organ solos, choral settings, instrumental arrangements, piano books! We try to introduce new sheet music titles under our featured products page, but because of the amount of new products, not every title receives its own post.

New products

For this purpose, the “New Products” category within Shop JMC is a perfect way to search for the newest music within the catalog. In this category, not only can you sort by title or by price, but also sort by the date the music was added to the catalog.

Up-to-date information

This sorting is especially helpful when your search includes new sheet music recorded on a yearly demo but not yet completed in production. We add music the day it becomes available for purchase; that way we can ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information possible.

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