Music for Relief Society Birthday Celebration

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March 17th commemorates the founding of the Relief Society organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

With particular emphasis placed on each sister learning the history behind the Relief Society, here are a few titles we suggest as possibilities for your celebration:

A Society of Sisters – cantata – #00937
Twenty-minute program highlighting the history of the Relief Society, arranged for SSA voices, narrator, and piano accompaniment, with music by Lynn S. Lund and lyrics by Mabel Jones Gabbott.

A Legacy of Love – SSA – #00374
Relief Society anthem by Gerald Lund and Lynn S. Lund from the music of The Work and the Glory, arranged for women’s choir, relating the history and purpose of the Relief Society.

Woman of Faith – SSA – #00462
Choral anthem for women’s chorus and piano, extolling the virtues of womanhood and admonishing women to walk in the Light of Christ, by Lynn Lund and Mabel Jones Gabbott.
Who We Are – SSA – #01544
Anthem for women voices (SSA) with lyrics and music by Tammy Simister Robinson, based on words from the Relief Society Declaration: “This is who we are, women of Christ, daughters of God.”
Circle of Sisters – SA – #01201
Another delightful Relief Society anthem from the team of Lynn Lund and Mabel Jones Gabbott, arranged for two-part choir and piano accompaniment: “I am a part of a circle of sisters, circling the earth with God’s truth and right.”
Unto You, My Daughter – SSA – #00818
Original anthem by Linda Barrett Hallett—prize winner of the 1973 Relief Society Original Song Contest—arranged for SSA and piano accompaniment, based on scriptural text from Doctrine & Covenants 25.
Hearts Knit Together – SSA – #00364
Light, original anthem by Kristen Allred—written specifically for the annual Relief Society birthday event—arranged for three-part women’s chorus and piano.
I Now Turn the Key In Your Behalf – SSA – #00665
With lyrics from Church History Vol. IV, this anthem for women’s chorus and piano relates the instant when Joseph Smith turned the key to establish the Relief Society.

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