Music lessons — for strings or piano

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Here we feature some of our most loved music book series for beginning music students—on either piano or strings.

I Can Play the Hymns – #00308 – Primer Level Piano
I Can Play the Hymns features twenty-two well-known hymns, such as A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief; Come, Come Ye Saints; and I Believe in Christ, in an easy-to-play format. With set finger positions, each piece is designed for one note to be easily played at a time.

A simple duet part (written in the bass clef) is also included for each song, to create a fun duet arrangement for a family home evening, church program, or recital.

• Other volumes in this series include the ever-popular I Can Play Primary Songs – #00878, and I Can Play More Primary Songs – #01834.


Primarily Bignote #00639 – Easy Piano
This best-selling book includes twenty-seven popular primary songs arranged for easy piano, listed under the “Bignote” name—a step up in level from the “I Can Play Primary” series.

Both hands are written on the staff lines, with simple chords played in the left hand. Guitar chords are also included.


Hymns for Instruments High C #01168
The “Hymns for Instruments” series was designed to make it possible for any instrument to play along with the 1985 Hymnal. Where many brass and woodwind instruments would need a transposed copy of the hymn, this series has done the transposition for them.

This volume, Hymns for Instruments High C, contains the melody for 104 hymns as well as an original obbligato for each piece.

Other volumes from these series include:
Hymns for Instruments – B flat (#01166)
Hymns for Instruments – Viola edition
Hymns for Instruments – Bass clef

The bass clef and B flat editions contain transposed melodies and alto lines, whereas the viola edition is comprised of the melody and tenor line for each hymn arranged in the viola clef.


Primary Violin School – Book 1 – #01465 – Easy Violin Solo
Volume of twenty-three favorite primary songs for easy violin solo, designed to be a supplement to the first volume of the Suzuki Violin School—complete with fingering.

A Piano Accompaniment Volume #01649 and Accompaniment CD #05071 (to use in place of the piano accompaniment) are available.

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