Sheet Music for Mother’s Day

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Around this time of year, we love being surrounded by anthems celebrating Mother’s Day. Quite appropriately, these hymns tend to be lilting and soft, as a lullaby—just as mothers often sing to her babies. We love this time to celebrate the miracle of motherhood and to acknowledge each mother—her sacrifices and love.

#00187 Mother’s Day Hymn Medley – SAB – by A. Laurence Lyon
This anthem by A. Laurence Lyon has this quality of tenderness and peace. Plus it’s one of our favorites. The anthem combines the gentle text from “I Often Go Walking” and “Mother, I Love You,” both from the LDS Children’s Songbook, to create a warmhearted choral piece for three-part choir and piano. (We just love Laurence Lyon’s warm piano arrangements.) View product page.

Only My Heart by David Naylor is another huge favorite. David Naylor writes powerful, original text and melody, then combines that with a descant melody of “Love at Home” in the final verse. This particular arrangement is available both for three-part women’s choir as well as we SATB choir, both with piano accompaniment.

Click here to listen to an audio clip and purchase your copies.

In last year’s post we highlighted a handful of other Mother’s Day anthems including:

Many of these you can listen to audio clips and purchase and download a single copy to look through. We are working quickly to make all JMC pieces available for download. Let us know if there’s one particular title you are looking for.

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