Choral Club

This favorite two-year subscription has been available now for over thirty years—allowing choir directors and those alike access to new choral music specifically chosen for that time of year.

For $19 for two years NOW OFFERING TO CUSTOMERS WORLD-WIDE, customers receive:

  • • Exclusive Club e-mails with direct PDF download links to our newest and best arrangements and their performance recordings.
  • • Exclusive coupon codes for a greater percent off the list price for those Choral Club specials.
  • • E-mails announcing special offers on not only new choral releases but also piano, organ, vocal, and instrumental volumes before anyone else.
  • • Automatic discounts of 10% off everything in our catalog every time you order (the discount will be added after hand-processing).

You may order over the phone at 1-800-950-1900, or online at Shop JMC under the title “Choral Club” (#20000).