Mother’s Day LDS Sheet Music

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May 8, 2011, marks Mother’s Day. Time for another post featuring sacred arrangements attuned particularly for Mother’s Day!

#00003 – A Mother’s Eyes Reflect the Love of Heaven – VS medium
Poignant Mother’s Day arrangement, honoring the qualities of motherhood, her acts of service, her love and obedience to God’s plan, and her righteous teaching to her children. Arranged for medium voice solo and piano accompaniment, with words and music by Stephen Jones. The choral version includes a 30-second audio clip. Click here for more information on the vocal solo.
#00908 – Prayers for Mother’s Day – SATB – by David Len Allen
Original anthem with music by David Len Allen and lyrics by Emily Coit, with a prayer to our Father in Heaven that He would bless our mothers for their love and faithfulness. Ends with this simple plea: “May we our mother’s prayers fulfill by truly serving thee.” Click here for more information, and to listen to an audio preview.

#00617 – She is the Mother – SATB – by Lynn S. Lund
Original Mother’s Day anthem with music by Lynn S. Lund and words by Mabel Jones Gabbott, arranged for mixed chorus and piano accompaniment. This sacred arrangement recounts a mother’s life from birth to death and then return to heaven to wait for her children to return to her.Click here to view the product page and to order your copies.

#00002 – A Mother’s Eyes Reflect the Love of Heaven – SATB choral arrangement
Choral version of the ever-popular Mother’s Day arrangement, with flowing words and accompaniment by Stephen Jones, centering on a mother’s love, service, sacrifice, and pointing her children to Christ: “She speaks the words of truth that guide their tender youth, and point the course they take throughout their lives.” Click here for more details and to listen to an audio preview.

#00187 – Mother’s Day Medley – SAB – by A. Laurence Lyon
Medley for three-part choir and piano accompaniment fusing two children’s hymns, “I Often Go Walking” (SAB) and “Mother I Love You” (SSA), arranged by A. Laurence Lyon. Click here to view more information and to order your copies.

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