Publishing with Jackman Music

As your publisher, we pay all costs for printing, publishing, and marketing.

We pay all costs for printing, publishing, and marketing your work; the cost as the composer is in delivering your work to us. You may also want to accept an invitation at your expense to appear as a convention guest for autographing or for radio or podcasts interviews.

We distribute royalties to you for each piece sold.

The standard royalty for printed copies is 10% of the published list price of the work. This royalty is divided among all of the contributors (including outside copyright owners). Often the submitter will be the author of all three of these elements.

A typical piece might include three royalty shares: for the melody, the text, and the musical setting or arrangement. Our royalty contract provides for an annual report to you with payment of royalties; however, we make it our practice to make royalty payments more frequently than once a year.

We are in the business of publishing beautiful music and creating income for composers.

The term “publish” means we are assigned the right to make good use of your original work for you, undertaking activities that will generate income for you.

Besides print licensing, we work with many other types of royalties, including mechanical licenses, electronic, and synchronization royalties. Handling all of these types of royalties is routine for our office. If we are generating income for you, whether your piece has been printed or not, your work has been “published.”

As a publisher, we maintain the copyright.

Composers who publish with Jackman Music Corporation receive a contract assigning rights in your work to us in exchange for royalties—known collectively as the “copyright.” The transaction of assigning your copyright to us is what empowers us to act as your publisher. Your copyright assignment to us includes all versions and voicings (“derivatives”) of your work. This is the essence of the business transaction between us.