Jackman Music Rehearsal Tracks Available

Jackman Music rehearsal resources are now available online. CLICK HERE to learn more.


You can download the Jackman Music app on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) at the Apple App Store.



What is the Jackman Music App?

We know it can be difficult to hold choir practices that accommodate everyone’s schedules. Rehearsal time is limited and some that wish to be involved, don’t even read sheet music.

This is why we created The Jackman Music App. 

The Jackman Music app allows you to practice your music… wherever you are. The app allows you to do some pretty cool things like: isolate your part and practice along with a real choir, navigate to any measure quickly, and adjust the tempo slower or faster.

Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

Step 1: Download the Jackman Music App

Step 2: Use the Redeem Code included with selected Jackman Music titles (See our ever-growing collection by clicking here).

Step 3: Enjoy Practicing with the App

How do you know if your music comes with rehearsal tracks? Simply look for the “Rehearsal Track” icon on the front cover. You can also check online for a complete list…. And never hesitate to reach out to us to request rehearsal tracks for a given piece. 

Open the sheet music and find the instructions to download the Jackman Music app from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. 

You can either scan the QR code included in your sheet music or simply visit: bit.ly/JackmanMusicApp

Select the correct app store that works with your device (iOS for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android devices).

After downloading the app, you can continue as a guest. Click on Redeem Code. You will then be prompted to enter an email address after which you can enter the redemption code. You will be asked to confirm that the redemption code is from a legal copy of music including that code, and your rehearsal track will begin to download within a few moments.

The Jackman Music App is a rehearsal and performance app that supports any Jackman Music sheet music that includes an authorized redeem code.

Here's how the app works:

  • Each musical part may be isolated so you can choose which part you want to rehearse or perform to.
  • You also have the ability to slow the music down to rehearse harder passages.
  • When you’re ready you can easily return to full speed or go even faster.
  • It is also possible to mute your track, allowing you to see how well you can “carry” your own part.
  • You are able to navigate to any bar in the song in seconds and there is an easy-to-use metronome available anytime you need it. You will also find a handy key-change tool right at your fingertips.
  • You can also create your own playlist of songs for programs, concerts and recitals. 

We invite you to join the rapidly growing family of Jackman Music App users and experience an inspiring new way to prepare and perform music.

Choir practice, now held wherever you are! 

Jackman Music brands include: Sonos Music, Pioneer Music Press, Choir Publishing Company, Nolan & Hanks, Praiseworthy, Universe, Hymnplicity, Piano Kids, Porté, First Chair Instrumental, Plain & Precious, and Minister Through Music.