Submitting Music

Thank you for your interest in having your composition or arrangement published by Jackman Music.

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that was completely moving? Or have you ever been overcome or brought to tears during a performance? We have too! This is why we, at Jackman Music, exist... to move the world, and bring others to Jesus Christ, through uplifting and inspiring music!

We also believe that some of the best music is yet to be created. Our goal is to publish music that is undeniably world-class; music that elevates and inspires the soul.

If you feel that your composition or arrangement fit that description, then you've come to the right place! 

Submission instructions:

  1. Complete the Jackman Music Submissions Form.
  2. Please include in your submission the following:
    1. A Notation file formatted to Sibelius, Finale 2014 or earlier, or other .xml file.
    2. A PDF copy of your submission (.pdf)
    3. A demo audio recording of your submission (mp3 or other audio file). Sending a recording using live vocals and instruments is highly recommended and will improve the likelihood of acceptance. 
    4. Clear all rights (receive written permission) for any outside copyright use before submitting. 


The following outlines the timeline for submitting music. Please follow these deadlines if at all possible:

  • Christmas music — April 21st
  • Easter music — September 1st
  • Piano solo books and sheet music — February 1st
  • Instrumental solos and ensembles — all year round


The following is a list of guidelines and needs to follow when compiling your submissions:

  • Lyrics written in "first person" are far more powerful than in sermon style.
    • For example, rather than “Go ye forth…” use “I will go forth…”. Rather than “Hearken and obey…” use “I will obey…” etc.
  • Powerful hymn arrangements lie in at least 50% original melody. A hymn arrangement whose distinction lies only in it's voicing, key changes, and accompaniment texture are not perceived by the public as being original. It must contain at least 50% original melody. Consider J. S. Bach’s hymn arrangements “Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring” as an example. It is Bach’s flowing melodic setting which instills life in this arrangement—still recorded again and again after nearly 300 years.
  • Arrangements of “Come Come Ye Saints” are no longer needed. You are welcome to browse our catalog for other previously published arrangements.
  • Jackman Music publishes music primarily for pianists, organists, instrumentalists, choirs, and families. Choral works should be for SAB, SATB, SSA, or TTBB, with warm and rich, rather than austere, harmony. Ward choir budgets are woefully small; they must consider carefully how they spend their funds. Consider what your ward choir is actually singing and create practical pieces that would fit into a ward choir setting.
  • Have your ward choir rehearse and perform each work you write, and you will see the realities of choir music in the Church. Write for the simplest of Saints using your most worthy art. Please refrain from writing commandments and sermons. Instead, create music that quiets the heart, that comforts, that inspires us to repent and change our lives. Write about the Savior and His teachings. Tell us how you feel about Him in your music.  


Jackman Music does not guarantee a specific time-frame for response to your submission. Often, submissions do not take any longer than a couple of months to get through. There are seasons where submissions are plentiful and may take longer to review, so we kindly request your patience as we review your work and thank you for your interest in publishing with us!