Patriotic and Pioneer Songs

Patriotic and Pioneer Songs

America the Beautiful - Piano/Organ Duet
America the Beautiful – Piano/organ duet by Carolyn Stevens – #01542

Carolyn Stevens’ intermediate piano/organ duets are perfect musical numbers for the summer months when some choirs choose to break from regular rehearsals.

Carolyn’s arrangement of “America the Beautiful” is vibrant and rich—a stirring patriotic piece to add to one’s repertoire. Only one copy is needed for performance.

Pioneer Medley – Piano/organ duet by Carolyn Stevens – #01602

Carolyn Stevens’ “Pioneer Medley” for piano and organ interweaves melodies from “Come, Come, Ye Saints” and “O Ye Mountains High”—a fun combination in this upbeat pioneer arrangement. Two copies are needed for rehearsal and performance.

I have always been touched by Emma Lazarus’s poem, engraved on the pedestal beneath the Statue of Liberty, including the words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Here David Len Allen has adapted her text to music for mixed choir (sopranos separating in a few instances) and piano accompaniment. The full audio accompaniment MP3 is available.

What a motivating anthem and so appropriate as we have also been called to lend our hands to those “yearning to breathe free.”


I Sing of America – two-part chorus and piano by Natalie Sleeth – #00666

Natalie Sleeth, author of the beloved children’s hymn “How Will They Know?” brings us a truly patriotic anthem with music reminiscent of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” arranged for two-part chorus and piano. Again, the full audio accompaniment MP3 is available.

I’m particularly touched by her text: “I sing of America, her work yet undone; of toil to complete what the past had begun. May truth be her watchword and honor her aim, reflecting the light of her God-given flame.”

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee – SATB, flute, and piano by Amber White – #00915

We have been delighted by the works from Amber White. Her choral writing here is particularly well-written for the needs of a ward choir—easy to learn yet heartwarming and stirring.

The flute obliggato, included on the final page, adds light and majesty to the piece. The full audio accompaniment MP3 is available here as well.

Pioneer Hymn Medley – SATB and piano arranged by Brent Jorgensen – #01587

Written in classic Jorgensen style, this wonderful medley combines melody and texts from “They the Builders of the Nations”; “Come, Come, Ye Saints”; and “Faith in Every Footstep” in a beautiful setting for mixed chorus and piano—perfectly useful for Pioneer Day.

The Fire of the Covenant – SATB and piano by Shawna Belt Edwards – #01565

I believe I have mentioned this powerful Pioneer Day anthem in the past but couldn’t bear not to highlight it once more.

Written for her own stake youth for their trek to Martin’s Cove, Shawna combines flowing melody with text expressing strength that came through the covenants made by these faithful saints: “Their hope was brighter than the fire of cruel and angry men; their love was deeper than the snow and stronger than the wind.”

One Nation Under God – SATB a cappella by Janice Kapp Perry and Orrin Hatch – #01694

I am grateful for this solemn anthem with music by Janice Kapp Perry and text by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. The text is poignant:

“The heart and might of this great land is found in our beliefs, of faith that God’s unfailing hand will help preserve our liberties. And we invite all men who gather here to worship God and feel no fear. When we are one nation under God our freedom will endure….”

Written in hymn style for four-part a cappella choir, I see this being particuarly appropriate for an outdoor flag service or other similar event—a wonderful tribute to religious freedom and trust in God. A full audio accompaniment MP3 is available for help in learning parts or to be played alongside the voices.

As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days / Carry On – SAB and piano by Ann Kapp Andersen – #01883

Ann Kapp Andersen brings us a robust anthem for three-part choir and spirited piano accompaniment.

I am loving her combination of youthful hymns with text that invites all who have pledged to be true in the face of challenge to not despair but carry on! View product details.

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