Prelude Chains - Book 4

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* Sixty-one primary arrangements for piano prelude, arranged in a continuous medley, allowing the pianist to start anywhere and end anywhere. (Demo audio contains shortened excerpts.)

Primary songs included in this volume:
A Child's Prayer — Janice Kapp Perry
All Things Bright and Beautiful — Old English Tune
Baptism — Crawford Gates
Beautiful Savior — Silesian Folk Song
Beauty Everywhere — Mildred T. Pettit
Can a Little Child Like Me? — W. K. Bassford
Dare to Do Right — A. C. Smyth
Faith — Michael F. Moody
Families Can Be Together Forever — Vanja Y. Watkins
Father, I Will Reverent Be — Mildred T. Pettit
He Sent His Son — Michael F. Moody
Help Me, Dear Father — Frances K. Taylor
Hum Your Favorite Hymn — K. Newell Dayley
I Am a Child of Go — Reid Nibley
I Feel My Savior's Love — K. Newell Dayley
I Know My Father Lives — Reid Nibley
I Lived in Heaven — Janeen J. Brady
I Love to See the Temple — Janice Kapp Perry
I Need My Heavenly Father — Judith W. Parker
I Often Go Walking — Jeanne P. Lawler
I Thank Thee, Dear Father — George Careless
I Think the World Is Glorious — Alexander Schreiner
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story — Leah A. Lloyd
I Want to Live the Gospel — Roy M. Darley
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus — Janice Kapp Perry
If with All Your Hearts — Felix Mendelssohn
Jesus Once Was a Little Child — Joseph Ballantyne
Jesus Said Love Everyone — Moiselle Renstrom
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam — Edwin O. Excell
Keep the Commandments — Barbara A. McConochie
Kindness Begins with Me — Clara W. McMaster
Lift Up Your Voice and Sing — Ingrid S. Gordon
Love Is Spoken Here — Janice Kapp Perry
Love One Another — Luacine Clark Fox
Mother, I Love You — Lorin F. Wheelwright
My Heavenly Father Loves Me — Clara W. McMaster
My Mother Dear — Becky-Lee H. Reynolds
Reverence — Leah A. Lloyd
Reverence Is Love — Maggie S. Olauson
Reverently, Quietly — Clara W. McMaster
Search, Ponder, and Pray — Carol B. Black
Seek the Lord Early — Joanne B. Doxey
Shine On — Joseph Ballantyne
Sing Your Way Home — Traditional
Teach Me to Walk in the Light — Clara W. McMaster
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus — Frederick A. Shallinor
Tell Me, Dear Lord — Harold Lowden
Thanks to Our Father — Franz Joseph Haydn
The Chapel Doors — Dorothy L. Read
The Hearts of the Children — Patricia K. Graham
The Holy Ghost — Jeanne P. Lawler
The Light Divine — Mildred T. Pettit
The Still Small Voice — Merrill K. Bradshaw
This Is God's House — William G. Oglevee
This Is My Beloved Son — Vanja Y. Watkins
To Think About Jesus — Robert Cundick
We'll Bring the World His Truth — Janice Kapp Perry
When He Comes Again — Mirla G. Thayne
When I Am Baptized — Nita D. Milner
When Jesus Christ Was Baptized — Jeanne P. Lawler
Where Love Is — Joanne B. Doxey & Marjorie C. Kjar

Composer: Various
Arranger: Brent Jorgensen
Difficulty: Medium-easy to medium

Reference:  Alma 13:28–29

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