Quietest Feeling - Children's Chorus

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This beautiful children’s song, written by talented songwriter, Pam Peterson, expresses how the quietest feeling of peace flows into our hearts as we think about Jesus and how we love Him. Arranged for piano and unison children’s choir with optional solo.

And so I think about Jesus
And how I love Him
And how I want to be with Him someday
And when I think about Jesus
I get the quietest feeling
I know that quietest feeling is peace

Composer: Pam Peterson
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: approx. 2:40
Scripture References: Mark 4:39; John 14:27; Doctrine and Covenants 6:36

Find the recording of this song on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Quietest Feeling Song Kit, an invaluable teaching resource, is also available HERE and includes the sheet music and many helpful teaching resources, including the wonderful artwork of Susan Fitch.

Think About Jesus
The Quietest Feeling
Quiet Feeling

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