Quietest Feeling - Flute & Two Violins - Instrumental Parts

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This product includes a flute part and two violin parts that go with #01915 "Quietest Feeling - Children's Chorus." These instrumental parts are medium-difficult. You may use any or all of these parts as supplemental accompaniment with the original piano accompaniment (you might choose to only use the flute part, or flute with violin 1, etc... Any combination will work with the piano accompaniment, which is sold seperately).

Composer: Pam Peterson
Arranged and orchestrated by Barry, Grant, and Michael Gibbons
Difficulty: Medium-difficult
Duration: approx. 2:40
Scripture References: Mark 4:39; John 14:27; Doctrine and Covenants 6:36

The Quietest Feeling Sheet Music (voice and piano) is available separately HERE.

Quietest Feeling - Flute and 2 Violins - Instrument Parts

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