Rehearsal Track Detailed Instructions

Here are step by step instructions below on how to access your audio tracks. Please scroll down this page to see all the steps. There are 8 steps.

Step 1Go to in your web browser and then click on "Student Login".  Click the following link and then click on "Student Login" (see button in red circle below).
step 1 rehearsal track instructions
Step 2: Enter your Redemption Code. You will see this screen below asking to enter your redemption code. If you already know your redemption code, please enter it and then click on "Sign in" and then skip to Step 6. If you do not know what your redemption code is, do Step 3, Step 4, and Step 5 below.
step 2 rehearsal track instructions
Step 3: Find the redemption code on your sheet music. Look at the sheet music you purchased and flip through each page looking for the redemption code. Step 4 shows you an example of what finding the redemption code looks like on your sheet music.
step 3 rehearsal track instructions
Step 4: Write down or record your redemption code. In the image below, you can see in the red circle where the redemption code is located. Attention: Your redemption code will be on YOUR sheet music. It will not be "00132T" as seen in this image.
step 4 rehearsal track instructions
Step 5Enter your Redemption Code. You will see this screen below asking to enter your redemption code. Enter the redemption code and then click on "Sign in".
step 5 rehearsal track instructions
Step 6: Click on the name of the song you purchased (see image below). In this example below, the name of the music is called "This is the Christ". So, you would click on "This is the Christ" or whatever the name of the music is called that you purchased.
step 6 rehearsal track instructions
Step 7: Wait for the page to load your music. Once your audio tracks load, it should look similar to the image below.
step 7 rehearsal track instructions
Step 8: Click on the play button "" located at the bottom of your screen to play your music. Try getting familiar with the audio player by clicking each of the buttons such as the play button, the pause button, "Mute", "Solo", "Automatic Scroll", etc.
step 8 rehearsal track instructions