Bring Forth My Zion - SSATTBB

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Moving arrangement for mixed chorus (SSATTBB) and piano (with somewhat complex harmonies and rhythms), based on scriptural text from 1 Nephi 13:37:

Blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion for they shall have the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. And if they endure to the end, they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb. And whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.

Composer: K. Newell Dayley
Lyricist: K. Newell Dayley
Difficulty: Medium-difficult / Medium-difficult acc.

Performance time: 5:30

Reference: 1 Nephi 13:37

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